Eyebrow Growth

Growing out your brows takes alot of patience. While some may have given up on their traumatised 'over plucking' brow phase, some like us here at Sei Du know that with a little tender love and care, you can bring sexy back.

Like hair on other parts of your body, eyebrow hairs go through the same hair cycle.  Within the first three to four months, the hair grows actively. It then sits in a resting phase.  It is within those first intial months, that we need to ensure that we are giving the hair follicales the nourishment it needs.  [Insert Sei Du Eyebrow Serum]😘

However, underlying issues like stress, malnutrition, permanent damage to the hair follicale from incorrect plucking, can all result to thinning of the eyebrow hairs or minimal to no new growth.

According to some cosmetic chemists, look for serums that stimulate the hair follicile and include peptides in the ingredients listing. Sei Du Eyebrow Serum has 5 Plant extracts that contain amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamin B2, magnesim & Biotin.  All fundamental ingredients to build stronger brows. 

But with anything in life, if you want results you need to be consistant.

Sei Du Brow Serum (3ml) will last approximately 3 months. But we recommend that you should purchase 2 for your first time round...I mean we are all guilty of over using the serum, hoping they will grow back faster.

What you can do to avoid plucking during your growing phase:

  • Use Sei Du Brow Soap to help move hairs into sparse areas.
  • Use a brow pencil or pomade to discourage you from tweezing as new growth appears.
  • Brush your brow hairs daily.

We can't wait to see and hear about your new brow journey!

Love the Sei Du Team xx